Emergency Essentials® 3-Day Survival Emergency Kit


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Emergency Essentials® 3-Day Survival Emergency Kit

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When disaster strikes, even the very basic of supplies can make a huge difference in your survival. This 3-Day Survival Emergency Kit provides you with enough of life's essentials to see you through three days. Covering all 12 areas of preparedness, you'll be equipped with gear for light, power, first aid (just to name a few), as well as sustenance for your body in the form of calorie bars and pouches of water (see the additional information tab to see all that's included with this kit).

While you may not live in luxury, this kit provides you the means wherewith to subsist should the worst come to fruition. Don't leave your chances to fate; invest in an emergency kit today!

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The right number of calories, from real protein sources, are crucial in any emergency situation.

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Great taste and quality shouldn't be sacrificed in your emergency food storage.