Prepping for the Presidency: How to be Ready for What the Election Brings

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The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is right around the corner. We generally shy away from political posts, but this time of year (every four years, of course) is always pertinent to preppers. After all, the future of the country is being voted on. Will the majority choose the best candidate for the job? Or will the country fall apart either way? These are just a few thoughts going through the minds of many.

Election years are notoriously uncertain, and this one seems to be especially so.

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Headlines from news agencies promote woe and gloom, accusing each candidate of some form of atrocity or another. Whether it’s about a “big, dirty secret” on one candidate’s tax returns, or the other candidate’s ongoing email scandal, there is certainly reason to worry for the future, no matter who you favor. These headlines aren’t exactly the most comforting thing to see, especially this close to Election Day. So what’s a person to do when, as the headlines hint, both candidates are going to usher in World War III?

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Basically, you do the same thing you’ve always done: prepare, prepare, prepare!

But how does one prepare for a new president, you ask? Just as you would for a tornado, earthquake, economic crisis, job loss, power outage, and any other disaster.

First, stock up on the basics.

That includes food, water, medical supplies, and necessary gear for warmth, cooking, and other necessities. suggests having enough food, water, and other supplies to last you 72 hours. Having supplies for three days is a fantastic start, but some emergencies may last longer.

Once you have the basics, start adding to it. This includes investing in outdoor gear like sleeping bags, tents, cooking stoves, and other things that will make your life easier should the need arise. This also includes stocking up with more emergency food.

If the stock market crashes, food prices may spike, and could remain high for months or even years. Having a well-stocked supply of food is an investment that will pay off during events like this, among other crises. For long-term preparation, we recommend having a year supply of food. Whether you get it all at once or in stages is up to you. But if you’re planning for a disaster without an end in sight, a year supply is the way to go.

No matter the election result – whether your candidate wins, your opponent comes out on top, or it’s a lose-lose and nobody is the victor in your books – you will always be on the winning side when you’re prepared.

Now it’s time for us to give our endorsement. Of course, there could only be one winner, and that winner is…



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  • I am not prepared…do not have space to put things, don’t know how to have it organized…its overwhelming. We don’t have a good choice for President…we are doomed…HELP

    • Don’t despair,Liz! As with anything else start small . Do you live in the desert? Buy one case of water . Do you live near a stream ? Buy a small water filter . Do you like to eat ? Buy a few freeze dried meals ? ( and have a way to heat water inside , I love sterno type cans , so convenient, cheap and easy to store ) . Do you live where it gets cold ? Go to the local thrift store or army surplus and get a few extra wool blankets .
      Remember, your brain is the most important survival tool you have and we already know you have a good one because you’re thinking ahead! Start small , think ahead and check out Tess Pennington’s fantastic book The Preppers Blueprint. As for the election….Alcohol should be part of every Preppers stash both for barter and self use !
      Good luck .

  • Liz, start with just over-buying long shelf life items at your grocery store and use either a spare closet (or half a closet) or a spare linen cabinet (or half of one) and start filling it with stuff you WILL EAT/USE. Don’t keep supplies with food. Track what you stock and what you use from the stock.
    It helps to track the expiration dates on store products. Stuff DOES go bad from the store. When you get a bonus or sell a vacation day, BUY Emergency Essentials items like their powdered eggs. I ate that type stuff for 40 years of military service. It’s not just bearable but, tastes good. Mountain House is good for “ready meals” that need cooked. The MRE’s do not last as long but, get about 3-7 days worth (2 per person per day) for each member of the family. Do not try to buy it all at once. TOILET PAPER IS GOLD as a barter item and, though bulky, lasts “forever”. Toilets DO flush if you POUR the water into the tank; even when the water systems fail. Boy Scout motto, Be Prepared.

  • Don’t forget the space under couches or beds. I have cases of supplies stashed in both those places. Works great and is out of sight.

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