Protecting Pets from Wildfire

By Meslissa Rivera   The video was all over social media a week and a half ago: a man panicking, hopping up and down, coaxing and finally saving a wild rabbit that ran toward the flames of the Thomas Fire … Read More

First Aid Tips for Wildfire Smoke Inhalation

Smoke inhalation is a serious concern for those in the path of a wildfire. Excessive exposure to smoke can lead to significant respiratory problems and other medical issues, and can even result in death. In fact, smoke inhalation is the … Read More

Protecting Children from Wildfire Hazards

While every member of your household will no doubt be affected by a wildfire emergency, young children are at increased risk for injury and emotional stress during such a situation, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Wildfires often start … Read More

Wildfire Smoke: Know Your Risks

Wildfires spread fast and furiously, filling the environment with thick, heavy smoke. Even if you’re far away from the fire, you still need to be prepared and protect yourself from the toxic smoke. Smoke inhalation from wildfires adversely affects your … Read More

Wildfire Wound Care: What You Need to Know

  During a wildfire, there can be a lot of chaos, fear, and uncertainty. According to the Center for Disease Control, the risk for injuries during a wildfire is high. Even small wounds can become a big health concern during … Read More

Wildfires: How They Start

How do wildfires start? Recent California wildfires are filling the news, showing the devastation to families in the area. Knowing how to prepare for a wildfire begins with understanding how wildfires start. Wildfire preparation is important for people in every … Read More

What’s in a Wildfire Preparedness Kit?

Wildfires are quick-spreading, uncontrollable events. They often occur in the western part of the United States due to frequent drought conditions. In many other cases, wildfires are frequently started accidentally or intentionally by humans. No matter where you live, you … Read More

How to Prevent and Respond to a House Fire

Guest post by Scott Bay   US fire departments respond to close to 360,000 house fires per year which results in injuries, deaths, and destruction. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates deaths numbered around 2,500 and damages valued at … Read More

Wildfires: Know Your Risk

Understanding Your Risk     Wildfires are oftentimes an unstoppable force, burning through our natural resources, destroying homes and communities, and causing billions of dollars in damage. Burning wildfires also pose serious health risks to nearby residents, pets, and livestock, … Read More

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