Preparing for Spring Flooding

· Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Beth Buck Spring has sprung, although you wouldn’t know it by the late winter weather throughout the country. But as sure as sun follows rain, garden planting and spring cleaning will be upon us all real soon. At the … Read More

Smart Tips for Avoiding a Flood in Your Home

Guest post by Eric Murrell     Nothing ruins a good weekend like a flooding emergency. Whether it’s from an unwelcome weather event like a hurricane, or a pipe freezing and bursting during frigid temperatures, it seems like every home … Read More

California is Past Due for an Epic Flood

Californians are about to appreciate Noah’s epic flood on a whole new level. Apparently (according to researchers), California is due for a massive flood. Caused by atmospheric rivers (basically a fire hose in the sky), major flooding takes place in … Read More

Dam Problems: A National Concern

Dams. They’re everywhere! According to National Geographic, there are about 90,000 dams in the United States. And, just like people, they age. And when they age, they start falling apart. Recent news has been inundated with California’s Oroville Dam and … Read More

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