The Latest Heat Wave is Now

I don’t want to complain about how hot it is out there, but two hobbits just ran by and threw a ring into the local park. As of the morning of Friday July 22, 2016, New York, Los Angeles, and … Read More

Countering Extreme Heat Before Symptoms Arise

We’re in for summer now. A “bubble” of high air pressure could bring the hottest temperature of the year along with above-average humidity to most of the United States by the end of this week, according to forecasters. In the … Read More

Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

On June 2, this screen grab of a Gilbert, Ariz. forecast was posted on Facebook.     Now that’s a heat wave. Even if this forecast isn’t accurate, much of the western U.S. is likely to see some high temperatures … Read More

7 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Electricity

In extreme temperatures, power companies sometimes struggle to meet demand, resulting in outages and blackouts. About 55 million people in the northeastern U.S. and Canada lost power on August 14, 2003 after a sagging high voltage line hit a tree. … Read More