2017 Hurricane Season Recap

By Melissa Rivera     My mother-in-law just got a water bill for $160. There’s one major problem with that. Her home has only had sporadic access to clean water, and no power, since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico more … Read More

8 Tips for Hurricane Home Preparedness

Guest post by Cristina Miguelez   Depending on the area you live in, hurricanes can be a real and serious problem that homeowners need to address in order to keep their homes and properties as safe as possible. While it … Read More

13 Tips for a Safer Hurricane Cleanup

  Cleaning up after a hurricane is an emotional, and potentially deadly experience homeowners face when restoring some normalcy into their lives. Hurricane cleanup must be done safely and efficiently to protect yourself and family members from the devastation in … Read More

What Makes a Hurricane So Deadly?

The tropical storms known as hurricanes can achieve incredibly high wind speeds and produce over 2 trillion gallons of water in the form of rain. According to the National Hurricane Center, the traditional hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean peaks … Read More

The Ultimate Hurricane Preparedness Guide

  While current weather technology can predict the track of a hurricane and when and where it will make landfall, you can never truly be sure what will happen with such a dangerous storm. Hurricane preparedness is essential for anyone … Read More

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