DIY Solar Still

If you were lost in the wild without any clean water to drink, making your own solar still could be a great way to get clean water until you can get back to civilization. But what is a solar still? … Read More

DIY Bow and Arrow

  Once a weapon of myths and legends, the bow and arrow can now be found in any sporting goods or outdoors store for bow hunting enthusiasts . . . And while there is a large selection of bows and … Read More

How to Identify Poisonous Plants

My brothers once volunteered at a local state park and cleared out overgrown greenery, only to discover later that they’d been thigh-high in poison ivy. Oh, nature, you’re sneaky. But poisonous plants can be more than just uncomfortable—they can be … Read More

Finding Water in the Wild

Imagine being lost in the wild without any water. You’re dizzy, exhausted, and lightheaded—all signs of dehydration. You need water and you need it fast. Staying hydrated becomes even more important during a survival situation when you’re exerting more energy … Read More

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