6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks China

Earthquake damage in Southwest China, August 2014, Photo Courtesy of CNN.com   On Sunday, August 3rd, China’s Yunnan province saw the most devastating earthquake since 1970. According to the US Geological Survey, a 6.1 (China’s own equipment is calling it a … Read More

Deadly Twisters in New York

Tornados are in the news again. This time it’s the Northeast that’s getting the worst of it. Just this month, four people were killed in upstate New York as a twister whipped through the small town of Smithfield. NBC news … Read More

Thailand Natural and Not-So-Natural Disasters

  Some parts of the world seem to experience more than their fair share of hardship. Consider typhoon and tsunami-prone Thailand, whose recent months of political unrest have heaped threats of violence on top of an already naturally precarious region. … Read More

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