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Take Cover, Blend In & Stay Safe!

Whether you need to take cover, stay hidden, or protect your preparedness supplies, the coverage of our Camouflage Netting will help you stay safe! 

  • THE ULTIMATE DISGUISEPlastered with natural shades of brown and green, you’ll blend in and avoid being seen. Even with a flicker of light, you won’t get caught! It’s been treated to eliminate shine and glare.
  • MADE FOR THE WILD – Constructed with nylon string backing, edge binding, and mesh reinforcement, this netting is strong and durable.
  • LIGHT AS A FEATHER – Despite its durable properties, this netting remains lightweight! It’s made from quick-drying polyester fabric (150D), so even high winds and heavy rains can’t break it down.
  • FULL COVERAGE – At 13.1 x 19.7 feet, you can completely cover a large tent, stacks of gear, and even a car!

When Your Survival Isn’t at Stake…

You can use our Camouflage Netting to support your outdoor hobbies, too! Keep concealed while birdwatching, photographing wildlife, hunting, or shooting.

What’s Included?

  • 1 – Camouflage Net (13.1 x 19.7 feet) (4 x 6 meters)
  • 1 – Reusable Bag

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