Emergency Essentials® 2-Week Survival in a Pail Plus 2 Months of Food

Quality Survival Standards Product

  • Emergency Essentials® 2-Week Survival in a Pail Plus 2 Months of Food

Quality Survival Standards Product

  • QSS™ Certified
  • Calories Per Person, Per Day: 2,000
  • Protein Per Person, Per Day: 51 grams
  • Total Calories: 150,000
  • Total Protein: 3810 grams
  • Total Servings: 725
  • Approx. Water Needed to Rehydrate: 36 gallons
  • To backorder this product, please call our preparedness experts at 855-411-3161

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Empty store shelves. Week-long power outages. Broken roads that make it impossible for help to get through.

For most survivors, the real emergency starts when the disaster ends.

The 2-Week Survival in a Pail Plus 2 Months of Food supply is engineered to help keep you healthy and safe through the dangerous and uncertain months following a disaster, with:

  • Food (for 2 ½ Months). Delicious, chef-crafted meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—PLUS all the water you need to rehydrate them as well as gear for cooking (you won’t find a complete package like this anywhere else).
  • Water (Including a FREE Bonus 80-gallon filter). This kit comes with an 80-gallon, heavy-duty survival-grade water filter for food rehydration and drinking, PLUS a free bonus filter for months of extra water.
  • Warmth. Lifesaving supplies for warmth and weather protection, including a survival blanket and implements for fire.

Just store this kit away (it lasts for up to 25 years)* and rest easy knowing when disaster comes, you have a safety net that will help keep you secure for months.

Eat Better in Emergency

  • Includes Real Foods. All ingredients are hand-selected, from freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to grains, proteins, and more.
  • Chef Crafted. Every entrée is chef crafted and prepared with care.
  • Easy Two-Step Prep. Entrées cook up perfectly in just two steps. Simply add water, heat, and enjoy!
  • Food designed for real survival scenarios, like our hearty meal shakes.
    Chances are, when disaster hits, you’ll be out the door and on the road. You need food that can move with you. That’s why this kit includes calorie and protein-rich meal shakes that can literally be prepped and eaten while you’re on the go.

The Pinnacle of Survival Nutrition: QSS™ Certified

Most emergency foods are dangerously low on the core nutrients you need in a survival situation.

But this kit’s got you covered. It’s Quality Survival Standards™ (QSS) certified—and with 2,000 calories and 51 grams of protein per person, per day, it gives you nutrients you need to thrive in disaster.

Click here to learn more about QSS.

Calories - Per Person Per Day 2,000
Protein - Per Person Per Day 51 grams
Calories 150,000
Protein 3810 grams
Food Duration 2.5 months (75 days)
No. of People Served 1
Servings 725
Shelf Life Up to 25 years*
Approx. Water Needed to Rehydrate Food 36 gallons
Quantity 99 pouches
Varieties 14
Brand Emergency Essentials®
Nutritional Information
  • Nut free
Container Type Pail
Stackable Container Yes
Approx. Net Weight 83 lbs (37.65 kg)

12.5" x 12.5" x 18.98" per Survival In A Pail

12.5" x 11.88" x 17.71" per 30-Day 1-Person Emergency Food Kit

Approx. Shipping Weight 101 lbs (45.81 kg)
Shipping Dimensions

12.81" x 12.81" x 20" per Survival In A Pail

13.75" x 12.25" x 18.38" per 30-Day 1-Person Emergency Food Kit

No. of Shipping Cartons 3
Specifications and Shelf Life

Product specifications listed above may differ slightly from those on actual product labels due to occasional changes in raw-ingredient suppliers. Please refer to printed product labels for final specifications.

*The quality and taste of most products will last up to 20 or 30 years, however, shelf life varies based on storage conditions and ingredients. Products such as eggs, banana chips, creamy soups, and bread mixes have a higher fat content which limits shelf life to 5 or 10 years. For best results store in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Extreme temperatures will deteriorate quality and shelf life.

All food products sold within 18 months of manufacture date.

Reviews for Emergency Essentials® 2-Week Survival in a Pail Plus 2 Months of Food


  • 13 pouches Cheesy Broccoli Rice
  • 11 pouches Creamy Chicken- Flavored Rice
  • 10 pouches Spanish Rice
  • 6 pouches Mushroom Pilaf
  • 4 pouches Creamy Stroganoff
  • 3 pouches Fettuccine Alfredo
  • 2 pouches Mashed Potatoes


  • 10 pouches Hearty Vegetable Chicken-Flavored Soup
  • 10 pouches Creamy Potato Soup


  • 3 pouches Banana Chips


  • 12 pouches Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
  • 6 pouches Strawberry-Flavored Creamy Wheat


  • 6 pouches High-Protein Chocolate Meal Shake
  • 3 pouch High-Protein Vanilla Meal Shake


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