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Vortex Hand-Crank Blender

Vortex Hand-Crank Blender

The Vortex Blender has an Ergonomic Hand Crank that can blend at 2 speeds. Because it is hand-cranked, it can be used anywhere. Keep one in your preparedness supplies, and pull it out when there’s n..

Kelly Kettle® Cook Set

The basic cooking supplies needed for the Kelly Kettle Base Camp. This cookset includes a pot with a detachable handle, a lid which doubles as a plate, and a support grill. Convenient and compact for ..

Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe Hand Grain and Flour Mill

A cordless, compact, hand-crank mill with interchangeable stone or stainless steel heads. A great way to always have fresh, nutritious ingredients for your recipes. The Wonder Mill Junior is a valuabl..

BioLite® CampStove Bundle

Grill, boil, and otherwise cook your food and charge your devices with the BioLite® CampStove 2. This unique stove burns biofuel - such as sticks, twigs, and pine cones - more efficiently than a regul..

Sun Oven Dehydrating and Preparedness Package

The Sun Oven Dehydrating and Preparedness Package includes all the accessories you need to make baking, dehydrating, and boiling in the Sun Oven easy as you harness the power of the sun to cook your f..
BioLite® CampStove

BioLite® CampStove

The BioLite CampStove burns biofuel - such as sticks, twigs, and pinecones - more efficiently than a regular wood-burning stove. And, with the help of a battery-operated fan in the housing, the supe..

EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove

This rock-solid Rocket Stove from EcoZoom uses wood, charcoal, or biomass as fuel, making this an ideal cooker for camping trips, backyard cookouts, and emergency situations. With a fully insulated v..

Gluten-Free Mountain House® Meals and HydroHeat® Cooker

The ability to quickly prepare a hot meal during an emergency is very important. This bundle has what you need to make that happen. You’ll have three varieties of hearty Mountain House meals, plus a H..

BioLite® KettlePot

Make all your camp meals without having to switch out cookware with the BioLite KettlePot. This stainless steel pot is thin, durable, lightweight, and won't scratch when using metal utensils.The BioL..

Kelly Kettle® Small Cook Set

Designed for use with the Trekker (Small) Kelly Kettle, this cook set converts the Kelly Kettle into a portable stove, eliminating the need to carry fuel! Made of Stainless Steel, making it durable a..

L'Equip® Slicer Shredder Dough Hook

BPA-free and FDA-compliant dough hook for use with Bosch Universal Plus mixer. Turn your Bosch Slicer/Shredder Attachment into a mixing bowl with this mini dough hook. Ideal for making smaller batche..

Dura Rocket Stove Combo

This rock-solid Rocket Stove from EcoZoom uses wood or biomass as fuel, making this an ideal cooker for camping trips, backyard cookouts, and emergency situations. The Dura is great for camping, prepp..
BioLite® CampStove

BioLite® CampStove

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Cooking Equipment


There are a number of emergency situations where the loss of power or access to modern conveniences can be prolonged. Going days without electricity will require you to find alternate ways to prepare nutritious meals. Having emergency cooking supplies in your survival kit can make a big difference to your ability to provide these meals for yourself and your family. At, we offer a variety of cooking tools perfect in emergencies.

From basic stoves to deluxe cooking systems, we have a large inventory of tools designed to make life more comfortable and convenient, especially in an emergency. These tools allow you to heat up meals efficiently no matter where you are in a crisis situation.

Many of our cooking products are also the ideal choice for your outdoor activities, such as camping and backpacking. Several of our products will fit comfortably into your backpack so it can travel with you. Make healthy food prep-on-the-go as easy as it is at home without the need for charcoal, propane, or electricity.

Invest in a quality cooking system for your emergency kit and don’t miss out on our selection of high quality meals and snacks to accompany your new cooking stove, grill, or solar oven. We even carry the all-important waterproof matches and fire-starter materials for your basic survival needs. Accessories, like mess kits and replacement heating packs, are also available in our inventory.

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Mega Filter PRO

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