Emergency Essentials Fundraising Program

Get Your Congregation Prepped for Emergencies AND Raise Money. Apply Today.

243 million Americans have been hit by weather disasters alone in the last 12 years (not to mention earthquakes, wildfires, etc.). That's about three quarters of the US population!

Is your congregation prepared?

At Emergency Essentials, we've spent years helping raise millions of dollars for charitable organizations—including one of the largest congregations in the country—through sales of our award-winning emergency food, water, and survival gear.

We're currently expanding our fundraising network to serve churches of every kind. Our program is simple:

Emergency Essentials Fundraising Program Details



Why fundraise with us?

  • 30-Year Track Record. Emergency Essentials is one of the largest, most trusted emergency preparedness companies in the world. Our products have been field tested in most major disasters since 1987.
  • Proven Program. We've been using some version of this program to raise money for years, and collectively it's earned millions of dollars for organizations large and small.
  • Blesses the Lives of Your Congregants. This is more than just a donation, it's a purchase that puts lifesaving supplies in the homes of your congregants.
  • No Need to Ask from the Pulpit. So many important works happen over the pulpit, but because this program is online it doesn't have to be one of them.
  • Works Quickly. Most purchases come through email/social media campaigns which tend to move very quickly. You'll send an email and funds will start to accrue almost immediately.
  • We've done the heavy lifting for you. With pre-built templates for promotion as well as person-to-person support, our professional staff has already done much of the hard work for you.



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