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Emergency Essentials® Fantastic Fruits Combo

It goes without saying - fruit is fantastic! And just when you thought fruit couldn’t get any better, we gave it to you freeze-dried, complete with a 30 year shelf life and bursting with flavor, all t..

Mountain House® Entrée Favorites Combo

6 large (#10) cans of some of our best selling Mountain House® entrees. Easy to prepare: simply add hot water, let stand 10 minutes and enjoy. The ideal food for camping, backpacking, and emergencies..
Mountain House® Chicken & Beef Entrée Combo

Mountain House® Chicken & Beef Entrée Combo

Complete with 6 Large (#10) Cans of some of our most popular chicken and beef Mountain House Entrees. Packaged for long term storage, making them great for meals now or years from now. These delicio..

Emergency Essentials® Economy One-Year Supply

With a good variety of bulk foods in both large cans and SuperPails, your dietary needs are met for an entire year. Complete with fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, beans, grains, and more, this afforda..

Emergency Essentials® Basic One-Year Supply

With 92 cans and 7 SuperPails of all the basic food items, our Basic Year Supply will help you feel at ease when life takes an unexpected turn. This year supply provides over 2,000 calories per day wi..

Emergency Essentials® Year Supply of Grains and Legumes (10 SuperPails™)

This year supply of grains and legumes contains wheat, rice, beans, and oats packed in SuperPails™ for long-term storage, so you can use them now or years from now. A great foundation for your custom ..

Emergency Essentials® Survival One-Year Supply

A great way to start off your food storage, the Survival Year Supply provides you with the minimum calories you need to survive with 10 SuperPails of beans, milk, and grains as well as pouches of frui..

Emergency Essentials® Deluxe One-Year Supply

For maximum calories each day for a year, the Deluxe Year Supply is where it’s at. With over 2,100 calories each day for a year, this year supply provides you with all the nutrients and power your bod..

3-Month Supply of Lunch and Dinner (30 cans)

This three-month food supply will give one person approximately 3 months of popular lunch and dinner components. This combo includes beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and other entree items, plus sides and..

6-Month Supply of Lunch and Dinner (60 Large Cans)

With the succulent entrees, sweet fruits, and crunchy vegetables, breaking into your food storage will be a delight. Be prepared for whatever comes your way with the 6-Month Supply of Lunch and Dinne..

Emergency Essentials® Premier One-Year Supply

If you prefer pre-cooked, freeze-dried meals over make-from-scratch ingredients, this is the year supply for you. Enjoy 2,100+ calories per day from delicious, home-style meals, along with fruits and ..
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Long Term Food Storage Year Supply

Mega Filter PRO

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