Goal Zero® Rechargeable AA Batteries (4 pack)

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  • Goal Zero® Rechargeable AA Batteries (4 pack)

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  • Brand: Goal Zero®

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Be sure you have power for your flashlights, radios, and other devices by packing rechargeable batteries in your emergency kits. 4 AA batteries per pack. Save money and reduce waste. Use them up, then recharge them using the Guide 10 Plus Power Pack (can also use the Guide 10 and Nomad 7). Do this again and again. You’ll get an average of 300-500 cycles. These batteries have a Low Self Discharge, which means they can sit on your shelf for 6 months before they start to lose effectiveness.
Brand Goal Zero®
Tech Specs Weight: 4.2 oz Dimensions: (each) 2” long x 0.625” diameter
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