HydroHeat® and Mountain House

  • HydroHeat® and Mountain House
  • HydroHeat® and Mountain House

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Combining our innovative HydroHeat Flameless Cooker with 3 pouches of Mountain House entrees makes it easier than ever to enjoy delicious meals - without fire!

By using only water and one of our Heat Packs, you can cook your freeze-dried Mountain House meals anywhere you are! Because the heating process requires no fire, it is safe to use where fire is out of the question, such as while driving, at the office, at home during a power outage, or even while camping or hunting in areas where fire is prohibited. The HydroHeat Flameless Heat Cooker is your safe, portable option for cooking no matter where you are.

Also included in this combo is a pack of 10 HydroHeat large heat packs for convenient cooking.

*Caution: Steam, water, and contents will be hot!

**Substitutions Currently In This Kit**
  • Mountain House Macaroni & Cheese Pouch will be substituted with Mountain House Chicken Fajita Bowl Pouch
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