Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)

  • Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)
  • Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)
  • Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)
  • Kaito™ Voyager™ (Black)
  • Brand: Kaito

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Truly a radio for any emergency with multiple power sources, flashlights, cell phone charging, and more! With the Voyager™ you can stay up-to-date by listening to FM, AM, Shortwave, or 7 pre-set NOAA weather band frequencies.

Keep the radio powered by using a built-in adjustable solar panel, winding the hand-crank, inserting 3-AA batteries, or connecting an external power source through the USB or AC adapter ports*. With 5 built-in LED lights, the Voyager™ also gives you light in time of need. in addition to lighting and radio capabilities, you can also charge small electronic devices with the included USB outlet - including Apple products.

You don't have to wonder what's going on during an emergency, stay connected with the easy-to-use Voyager™ radio.

Brand Kaito
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