Trekker Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle®

  • Trekker Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle®

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The Trekker Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle is an ultra-fast camping kettle that can boil 0.57 liters (19 oz.) in minutes using only natural fuels you can find anywhere! The Trekker works as both a lightning fast way to boil water, and also doubles as a cooking device.

Boil water for hot drinks, to rehydrate food, or for your personal hygiene needs during camping trips, scouting retreats, or trekking excursions with the Trekker Kelly Kettle. This durable, stainless steel kettle boils water quickly using natural fuels (sticks, pine cones, bark, etc.) and contains the fire within the kettle itself. This means you can boil water anywhere without having to carry gas or liquid fuels, or running the risk of fire dangers.

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