Mountain House® Vegetable Stew with Beef - 16 oz


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Mountain House® Ground Beef Large Can

Mountain House® Vegetable Stew with Beef - 16 oz

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Mountain House® Vegetable Stew with Beef is a satisfying home-style meal that is there for you and your family when hunger strikes. This freeze-dried dish is a hearty combination of garden vegetable and beef, stewed together for a savory entree your entire family loves. Each #10 can has up to 10 servings with instructions for one serving or for the entire can.

Simply add hot water, wait 8-10 minutes, and enjoy your meal. Packaged to store up to 25 years if stored in a cool, dry place—your family can enjoy this entrée now or years from now. Ideal for camping, backpacking, food storage, and more!

Shelf Life & Servings
Approx. Weight 16 oz
Shelf Life Up to 30 years*
Total Servings 9
Other Information
Brand Mountain House®
Container Type Large Can (#10)
Contents Mountain House® Vegetable Stew with Beef - 16 oz
Meal Types Entrees
Total Calories 1800
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