Complete Meals

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Complete Meals

Every emergency preparedness plan requires having enough food for an extended period of time. Having MRE meals at the ready when you need them most can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. MRE complete meals are the perfect way to ensure you have the nutrition you need during a crisis. Our variety of complete meals make it easy to provide good nutrition for every member of your household.

Our MRE Basic Emergency Backup Meal is available in a case of 12. It provides all you need for a complete meal including an entrée, dessert, drink mix, crackers, condiments, utensils, hard candy, and even a wet wipe for after dinner cleanup. All MRE meals are packaged in durable pouches to ensure a long shelf life and easy transport.

MRE complete meals are easy to eat. Enjoy right out of the package, or heat them using the sun or a cup of boiling water. No additional prep work is necessary. All meals are carefully crafted to ensure they taste great and are filled with the right nutrients to keep you going.

Complete MRE meals aren’t just for crisis situations. They are the perfect addition to your camping or hiking supplies. Keep a few pouches in your vehicle for your next road trip. With a long shelf life, MREs are a great resource to ensure you always have access to nutritious, great tasting entrées, sides, snacks, and more. Enjoy high quality meals like beef stew, BBQ chicken, and chili on the go at any time.

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