Optimus Crux Canister Stove

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  • Optimus Crux Canister Stove
  • Optimus Crux Canister Stove
  • Optimus Crux Canister Stove
  • Optimus Crux Canister Stove

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The Optimus Crux folding stove is so lightweight and compact that you won’t even know you’re carrying or using a powerful 10,200 BTU burner. (Fuel canister sold separately.) Thanks to an innovative folding burner head and the convenient strap-on protective stuff bag, Optimus Crux packs down to store in the empty base of an 8 oz fuel canister. Quickly boil water, or simmer food without spot burning. Great for those who want a basic stove that takes very little space.
Brand Optimus
Tech Specs Fuel: LP-gas 75/25 butane/propane Weight: 83 g / 2.9 oz Measurements folded: 84x57x31mm / 3.3x2.2x1.2 in Rating: 3000 W / 10200 BTU Burn time: Up to 60 minutes at high maximum output, using 220 g / 8 oz canister Boil time (1 L / 34 fl. oz of water): Down to 3 minutes depending on climate, altitude, etc.
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