ParaCuda FS Machete

  • ParaCuda FS Machete
  • ParaCuda FS Machete
  • ParaCuda FS Machete
  • Brand: UST

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Whether you're an avid outdoors person or preparing for an unexpected disaster, having a proper cutting tool is essential. Use the ParaCuda Machete to cut away overgrowth brush, gather firewood, maintain trials, and much more.

The 11-inch straightedge blade swells and is rounded near the top for added weight to your cuts. The other side of the machete features an aggressive saw back for easy sawing of both wet and dry wood.

The handle has a secure grip due to the 9 feet of paracord wrapped around it. Once unwound, the paracord can be used for carrying or dragging heavy items, tourniquets, splints, or putting up a shelter. Paracord is an important part of any emergency situation because of its many uses, and using it as part of the machete's handle helps save space in your pack.

Categories ParaCuda FS Machete
Brand UST
Tech Specs Weight: 14.8 oz (420g)

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