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Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Berry Blend Large Can

These 4 berries combine the sweet and tart in a wonderfully delicious blend of massive fruit flavor. Use these blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries to add sweetness to your cereals..

Emergency Essentials® Apple Slices Large Can

Enjoy fresh, ripe fruit long after the harvest is over. Our Dehydrated Apple Slices have an extensive shelf-life, making them a special addition to your emergency food storage. These apple slices are ..

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Pineapple Dices Large Can

When stocking up for the ever-changing future, you want tasty, healthy food in your emergency food supply. Freeze-Dried Pineapple Dices are a lightweight, easy to pack, and delicious way to enjoy a he..

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Raspberries Large Can

Emergency Essentials Freeze-Dried Raspberries are packaged for long-term storage, so you can enjoy the natural goodness of berries now or in the years ahead. Add variety and nutrition to your emergenc..

Canned Heirloom Garden Seeds

Get 17 jumbo packets of 100% non-hybrid and non-GMO premium quality long term storage seed varieties. These open-pollinating varieties (seeds can be harvested and replanted) are ideal for planting a ..

Emergency Essentials® Applesauce Large Can

Our Emergency Essentials Applesauce is dehydrated and packaged for long-term storage, so you can enjoy this favorite dish now or in the years to come. Adds variety to your emergency food storage suppl..

Emergency Essentials® Fruit and Vegetable Variety Pack

Keep your fruits and vegetables together with our convenient Fruit and Vegetable Variety Pack. This pack contains 4 pouches of freeze-dried fruits and 4 pouches of freeze-dried vegetables. Each pouch ..

Emergency Essentials® Fruit Variety Pack

Get your pick of fresh, ripe fruit any time of year with these four freeze-dried fruits, packaged in accessible, individual pouches for easy eating. Save them for long-term storage, or open them up ri..
Emergency Essentials® Pouches Sample Pack

Emergency Essentials® Pouches Sample Pack

This pail of over 90 servings of fruits, veggies, meats, and dairy foods makes the Pouches Variety Pack a fast and easy way to start-or add to-your emergency food supply. It's a collection of our mos..

Emergency Essentials® Year Supply Component: Fruits

Add variety to your emergency food storage with a supplement of a delicious mix of fruits, helping you satisfy that sweet, healthy craving. Use these 18 large cans of our most popular fruit to extend ..
Emergency Essentials® Super Supply of Freeze-Dried Fruit

Emergency Essentials® Super Supply of Freeze-Dried Fruit

Super charge your emergency food storage with these 18 cans of nutrient-rich fruits. There's nothing better than having access to delicious fruit year-round, and this super-combo definitely delivers. ..
Augason Farms® Freeze-Dried Fruit Variety Pail

Augason Farms® Freeze-Dried Fruit Variety Pail

This Fruit Variety Pail offers you a healthy and delicious selection of freeze dried fruits. As the title suggests, you can enjoy a variety of five fruits and use your culinary ideas to blend them int..

Augason Farms® Dehydrated Apple Slices

When you taste our Dehydrated Apple Slices, you’ll taste the perfect tartness of fresh-picked apples. The flavor of this free freeze dried food carries through when added to your favorite recipes like..

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Blackberries Large Can

Our Freeze-Dried Blackberries are absolutely delicious - whether you eat them as a snack straight from the can or rehydrate them and use them in salads, smoothies, or other foods. With their rich amou..

Emergency Essentials® Pouches Variety Pack

This variety pack contains our four categories; meats, fruits, vegetables and dairy products sealed in a bucket for easy storage and long-term shelf life. Meat: Contains four kinds of pre-cooked, free..

Augason Farms® Banana Chips

Banana Chips can be used in so many ways: as a sweet and crispy snack, in trail mix, in hot oatmeal, with ice cream, or in your favorite cookie recipe. The options are endless! Augason Farms Banana Ch..
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Freeze-Dried Fruits & Dehydrated Fruits

Fruits are one of the best sources for the vitamins and minerals you need, and they happen to taste great too! Especially during an emergency.

Our freeze-dried fruits and dehydrated fruits are packaged for long term storage, but can be enjoyed now or in years to come. Simply add water to include them in any recipe or eat them right out of the can.

Check out the options below to get started!

Why Fruit?

Emergency food supplies will never get boring with the many different options we have at A must-have for any emergency food supply is a variety of delicious freeze-dried fruit. When you are working through a survival situation, it is important to have access to healthy foods with good sources of vitamins and minerals. Dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits should become an essential part of your emergency food stash. They are full of nutrients and provide the energy you need to sustain life during emergency situations.

At, we offer a large variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits which can easily be prepared with the addition of water or enjoyed straight from the container. Choose your favorite go-to fruits like bananas, peach slices, dehydrated apple slices, freeze-dried strawberries, or raspberries. They are delicious when eaten on their own but can expand your horizons when the fruit is added to other recipes, like yogurts and oatmeal.

Make stocking your emergency food supply easier with our Fruit Picks Combos. You’ll get nutritious, sweet treats like freeze-dried banana slices, freeze-dried strawberries, and freeze-dried peach slices in high quality containers. These fruits offer an extended shelf life of 25 years or more, making them the perfect choice for your emergency food stockpile, your camping gear, or any time you’re on the go. Keep our delicious fruit packages in your bag or vehicle and enjoy these healthy fruits any time a craving strikes.

Enjoy healthy fruits all year around. Stock up on dehydrated blueberries and dried apple chips, and freeze-dried pears. We also stock tropical fruits like freeze-dried pineapple, dehydrated mango, and sweet coconut milk melts to appease your taste buds and keep you prepared for any survival situation. You’ll always enjoy access to natural fruits thanks to our Emergency Essentials® and Fresh Essentials® inventory.

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