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Emergency Essentials® Year Supply of Grains and Legumes (10 SuperPails™)

This year supply of grains and legumes contains wheat, rice, beans, and oats packed in SuperPails™ for long-term storage, so you can use them now or years from now. A great foundation for your custom ..

Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill

A hand-cranked grain mill with large base clamp. Mills approximately 1/4 to 1/2 cup flour per minute. The Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill has a large-capacity hopper so you can process more of your wheat p..

Augason Farms® Hard White Wheat

When baking rolls or pizza crusts, you don’t have to buy your flour from the store. Save money and boost your resourcefulness by buying hard white wheat. Once ground, it makes flour that can be used f..

Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe Hand Grain and Flour Mill

A cordless, compact, hand-crank mill with interchangeable stone or stainless steel heads. A great way to always have fresh, nutritious ingredients for your recipes. The Wonder Mill Junior is a valuabl..

Augason Farms Booster Pack with Rice & Beans

This Rice and Beans Booster Pack includes foods that are essential to any emergency food supply. It’s an ideal way to add important nutrients, calories, texture, and flavor to your emergency food supp..

buy 4 or more 25 ea.

Augason Farms with Quick Rolled Oats, Berries, Milk

There’s no better way to boost your day—and your health—than with a bowl of hot oatmeal topped with whole blueberries and low fat milk. And this three-pack has everything you need: Quick Rolled Oats, ..

Augason Farms Booster Pack with Rice, Beans & 100% Real Chicken

This three-pack of 100% Real White Meat Chicken, Pinto Beans, and Long Grain White Rice will add a boost of essential nutrients to virtually any meal. Use in your favorite recipes and side dishes or a..
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Long Shelf Life Grain & Pasta

Grains, pastas, oats, flours, and rices are the backbone of your food storage supply.

These ingredients make great additions to any recipe and will be your main source of energy during an emergency.

Make your selection below!

A vital part of most food pantries is a consistent supply of quality pastas like dry spaghetti, dry macaroni, and a variety of Italian dried pasta – the same must-haves are also vital for your emergency food supply. At, we offer a great selection of the best dried pasta and grains available, including Egg Noodle Pasta, Hard White Wheat, Yellow Cornmeal, Quick Oats, and Spiral Pasta Primavera.

Build your emergency food supply and always have access to filling, nutritious foods. We offer basics like bread mixes, whole grain cereals, and even a full year’s supply of grains available in our SuperPails™ to ensure you receive the calories you need during an emergency. An emergency food supply is critical for surviving pandemics, severe weather situations, evacuations, and even job loss. Familiar foods like spaghetti and breads can bring great comfort to families in times of chaos and instability.

Through our inventory, you’ll get the best dehydrated food available. Our dried pasta is also excellent for non-emergency activities like backpacking, hiking, and camping. Pastas and grain mixes are easy to prepare and convenient to carry in your purse, backpack, or recreational vehicle. Enjoy basic essentials on the go, like White Rice, or take comfort in a hearty loaf of Honey White Bread, Scones, or Corn Muffins. Dehydrated meals for hiking allow you to eat well without carrying excess weight.

Many of our dried pastas and grains are available in small cans for individuals or large buckets and SuperPails™ for households. Stock up on everything you need to survive a short or long-term emergency with our professionally designed, prepacked pastas and grains. Start building an emergency food cache now with your favorite comfort foods and rest assured you’ll always have access to good nutrition and great-tasting entrées, sides, and snacks.

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