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Burnfree Sunburn Rescue

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* BurnFree Sunburn Rescue is your go-to for sunburns, whether major or minor. This formula stops the progression of sunburns in their tr..

Flat Fold Wrapped Dust Mask (Individual)

Protect yourself against viral infections, blood, and microorganisms exhaled by others and other particles in the air. This mask is for single use only so be sure to stock up so you and your family ha..
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Camping Sanitation Equipment | Portable Toilet, Enzymes, Sanitation Gear


When planning an emergency survival kit, people think about the need for food and water but may not consider what comes next. As part of your basic survival kit, it is important to also have the right tools for sanitation.

Whether you are trekking through the wilderness for a few weeks or lose power in your home for several days, you’ll be glad to have the right sanitation tools on hand. has a fully stocked inventory of sanitation supplies, including respirator masks, toilet enzymes, and ready-to-use towelettes.

Portable toilet lids are a great backup tool for plumbing issues at home or when you are camping out. The simple device allows you to turn an ordinary bucket into a functioning toilet. We even stock a portable washing machine. Hand-powered and durable, the washing machine allows you to get your clothing clean without the need for any electricity.

During a crisis, there are no guarantees you’ll have access to a proper bathroom or useable water for cleaning up. Keeping the right sanitation items as part of your emergency gear will ensure you’ll have what you need when nature calls. Sanitation products will also ensure your family’s health will be protected during emergencies.

Mega Filter PRO

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