Water Filters & Purification

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Water Filters & Purification

Water is a fragile resource. All it takes is a flood, chemical spill, or other disaster to make your water unfit for drinking. Even streams and rivers in the wilderness can look deceptively clean, when in reality they carry harmful substances that would make anyone who drinks it quite sick.

Water filters take that unsafe water and turn it into a clean, drinkable resource, so you won’t be left high and dry when your water supply becomes unexpectedly unusable. With many options to choose from, you’re bound to find a water filter that suits your needs for both emergencies and outdoor adventures.

Emergency Water Filters & Treatment Systems

Water is one of our most precious, natural resources – vital to life and good health. However, clean water is never guaranteed, especially during an emergency. As part of your emergency preparation plan, invest in a high-quality water filter to ensure you can access clean drinking water during times of disaster. Emergency water filters can transform unsafe, contaminated water into clean, drinkable water. The filters keep your family protected and hydrated during emergency situations. Camping water filters and survival water filters are also available for your recreational pursuits.

Several types of water filters and treatment systems are available through BePrepared.com. Single use filters allow users to sip potentially harmful water directly from a source. The filter removes contaminants, including E. Coli and Giardia, with no additional treatment. Single-use filters are perfect for emergencies or survival situations. They are also ideal for hikers and campers, as they are lightweight and easy to store.

Not all water filtering systems are the same. Invest in a high-quality water filter designated for emergency use. These filters will protect against the many possible contaminants occurring during emergencies, including chemical spills, leaving only fresh-tasting, contaminant-free water. Filters designed for recreational use may not be able to filter out the same kind of contaminants and chemicals.

Other water filtering systems are available to treat larger quantities of water with ease. Filter cartridges and ready-to-use purifying water bottles are critical to an emergency plan. Even if bottled water is available, the filtering systems will become vital for long-term disaster survival. Water purification tablets, the only ones registered through the EPA, are also available to treat harmful water without causing a chemical taste.

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