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WaterBasics™ Series II Red Line Emergency Filter

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When it comes to clean drinking water, the Series II Red Line Emergency Filter by WaterBasics™ is top of the line! Not only does it remove virtually all viruses, bacteria, and cysts, but it also removes chlorine, taste, and odor. To top things off, the WaterBasics™ Series II Red Line Emergency Filter is IAPMO certified, meaning it’s been officially tested and proven do do all it claims to do.

This water filter is your one-size-fits-all solution to procuring safe drinking water. The filter itself acts as a straw, allowing you to drink straight from any water source. It also attaches to the Red Line Filtered Water Bottle for easy consumption, as well as gravity flow filtration kits, bag-to-bag filtration kits, emergency pumps, and hydration bladders. With so many options, you’ll be ready with clean water no matter what your situation!

Ready for drinking straight from the package, this little filter is perfect for your 72-hour kit, bug out bag, and a convenient backup water source for your home.

The WaterBasics Series II Red Line Emergency Filter works with all other WaterBasics preparedness products. Click here to learn more.

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