Year Supply of Mountain House® Entrées


3-Month Supply of Lunch and Dinner (30 cans)


Mountain House® 1-Month Emergency Pouch Supply Combo

Year Supply of Mountain House® Entrées

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Take on life's challenges with this 1,080-serving, 282,000 calorie* supply of Mountain House entrees. With 96 large cans, your meal options are vast, helping to keep your taste buds in anticipation with each subsequent meal.

Mountain House produces world-famous freeze-dried food that not only tastes amazing, but is also quick and easy to prepare. Each entree is pre-cooked and only requires hot water to turn it into a warm, sustaining meal. Because of this, these entrees are ideal to keep on hand for emergencies, when cooking simply isn't an option. Likewise, campers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts find Mountain House a lightweight option that doesn't weigh down their packs, yet still gives them the energy they need to continue on their adventures.

With a shelf life of 30 years, this food supply will help see you through

* With 773 calories per day, this food supply does not provide sufficient calories per day by itself. Supplement with fruits, vegetables, and other side dishes for more substantial meals.

Shelf Life & Servings
Approx. Weight 218 lb (98.8kg)
Shelf Life Up to 30 Years*
Total Servings 1,080
Other Information
Brand Mountain House®
Meal Types Year Supply,Entrees,Breakfasts,Desserts,Sides
Quantity of Cans 24+
Total Calories 282,000
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