Emergency EssentialsTM Affiliate Program

Program Highlights:

  • 10% Commission
  • 90-Day Cookie
  • $246 Average Order Value
  • No Competition from Third Parties like Amazon

Earn Big with the Emergency Essentials Affiliate Program

Want to make a living on your passion? We can help! Our affiliates tap into the largest emergency preparedness community on the web and turn that traffic into reliable income. Here’s how:

  • Instant Brand Recognition & the Most Active Online Community
    We have by far the largest web presence in the survival industry with well over a million unique visitors a year.
  • Instant Trust
    Our brand has been a standard for quality since 1987.
  • A Bigger Piece of the Pie
    Our products are sold through our website and affiliates only. That means no worrying about third-party sites—the Amazons and Walmarts of the world—swooping in and taking your dollars.
  • More Purchases
    Our affiliates enjoy an average conversion rate of over 5%.
  • More Revenue per Purchase
    Our affiliate program is highly profitable with an average order value (AOV) of $246.
  • The Best Products with the Bona Fides to Prove It
    We’re one of only two vendors in the industry with Quality Survival StandardsTM (QSS) certified emergency kits —guaranteeing at least 1,800 calories and 40 grams of protein per person, per day.

Program Details

We offer a generous commission structure and ads that get results.

  • 10% commission on products sold
  • 90-day cookie
  • An ever-growing library of ads that are proven to perform
  • Fresh content with new promotions posted frequently
  • Deep linking to the highest converting areas of our site

Easy, Insightful Program Management

We run our affiliate program through AvantLink, with tools that make your job easy as possible.

  • Get a quick bird’s eye view of your program with a dashboard that includes tracking links, banner ads, text links, and products ads all in one place.
  • Track ad performance with detailed, customizable data feeds updated daily.
  • Get complete control over approval of denial of merchant bids with paid placement tools.
  • Reduce busy work with dynamic deal feeds that automatically syndicate the latest promotions.
  • Click here to learn more about AvantLink and what they offer.

Be Part of Our Affiliate Program!

To make sure you become as productive as possible in the program, we look for affiliates who offer product or content in areas like:

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Outdoor and urban survival
  • Gun ownership
  • Fishing
  • Rural lifestyle
  • Conservative politics
  • American patriotism
  • Christian lifestyle and topics

How to Get Started

Think you might be a fit? Getting started is easy. Just take the following steps and you’ll be on your way:

  • Visit https://www.avantlink.com/signup/affiliate/us?merchant=17641 to fill out an application.
  • AvantLink will process your application and send it directly to us for approval.
  • If your application is approved, you’ll receive notification from AvantLink, with instructions on how to proceed and how to use their platform.
  • You’ll now have have access to an easy-to-use dashboard filled with tools that make it easy for you to manage ads and links and start generating income.

We Continue to Provide Support for Rakuten Publishers

Are you a current Emergency Essentials publisher on Rakuten, with no plans to open an account on Avantlink? No need to worry. We will continue to support current publishers on Rakuten.

Terms & Conditions

At Emergency Essentials we value our affiliate partners and are dedicated to your success. We are also dedicated to safeguarding our brand, and to that end have enacted protective policies around our online programs. Failure to comply with these policies is grounds for termination of your affiliate status.

You hereby agree not to bid on Emergency Essentials trademark terms such as “Emergency Essentials,” “beprepared.com,” “Quality Survival Standards,” “QSS,” etc., or any variations and misspellings. Violating these terms is ground for account termination.

You hereby agree that your site will not, in any way, copy or resemble the look and feel of the Emergency Essentials website “beprepared.com,” nor will you do anything to create the impression that your site is our site or a part of our site, including without limitation, framing our site in any manner. You also hereby agree that your site will not contain any content from our site or any materials which are proprietary to Emergency Essentials, except 1) the materials obtained from AvantLink sites in accordance with the provisions hereof or the policies or instructions thereon or 2) with prior permission from an authorized Emergency Essentials employee.

You further hereby agree that your top-level domain name does not and will not contain any of the following words: Emergency Essentials, beprepared.com, Quality Survival Standards, QSS, or any variation thereof. Inappropriate advertisements (false claims, misleading hyperlinks) are not permitted.

In general, do not engage in practices which portray your site as Emergency Essentials or beprepared.com.

The titles and descriptions must not be deceptive and must accurately reflect promotions provided through AvantLink.

With the limited spaces available in titles and descriptions take care not to try to promote something that cannot be properly explained. Similarly, free products that come only with certain products must be explained in that context.

Affiliates are prohibited from selling Emergency Essentials products on Amazon or any other third-party site other than their own. Doing so will result in account termination.

Generally, Emergency Essentials does not allow its affiliates to engage in e-mail marketing. However, if you own directly-gathered opt-in lists and would like to request permission to e-mail one of the promotions provided on AvantLink, please send a request to steve.conlee@bluechipgroup.net.

Affiliates agree to not engage in spamming, unsolicited e-mail and indiscriminate advertising. Lists hoping to be considered should reflect the guidelines established by the IAB's Ethical Code of Conduct.

Emergency Essentials does not allow partners to promote via downloadable applications. It is important to the affiliate team at Emergency Essentials that affiliates are justly compensated for their promotional efforts on our behalf.

The last thing we want to do is reward another party for stealing commissions. We know that there are software programs out there, downloaded by millions of Internet users, that replace tracking codes with their own. The affiliates that are using this software are increasing their commissions at the expense of others. We actively prohibit any and all known parasiteware companies from earning commissions. Using software that redirects traffic is strictly forbidden by Emergency Essentials and will result in account termination.

AvantLink is an affiliate network founded in 2005 on the ideas of innovation, quality and service. They offer an array of industry leading tools and scripts that are fully integrated within the network free of charge. Affiliate tools include daily updated, highly customizable data feeds, dynamic scripts, deal feeds, tracking-embedded RSS feeds, product ad widgets, an API and more.