When the unexpected happens, we want you to be prepared.

Our goal here at Emergency Essentials (BePrepared.com) has always been to help people prepare, and we've been doing it for decades. We started with only one employee selling milk out of his living room in 1987. Today, we sell hundreds of food storage and emergency products from our massive warehouse and employee over 50 hard-working people.

As the name implies, Emergency Essentials provides the very essentials people are reaching for during natural disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and winter storms. More importantly, we help families be ready when life’s challenges require a change of plans, challenges like illness, accidents, job loss, and more.

While we grew quickly through word of mouth, other programs have allowed us to grow even faster, such as our exclusive Group Program. By being a member of this program, family, friends, and neighbors can purchase in bulk in order to meet their needs while at the same time saving even more money.

Emergency Essentials is the source for quality emergency food supplies, experts in long-term storage packaging, dehydration and freeze-drying technology, nutrition protection, and of course, the art of preserving food that is satisfying and delicious tomorrow as well as in twenty or more years from now.

Our food products come freeze-dried, dried, and dehydrated in a variety of packages, from large and small cans to food buckets and meal pouches, to pails of grains, legumes, and other bulk foods. We offer all the foods you need, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, meats, dairy products, spices and baking supplies, and of course, desserts.

Aside from food, we also offer emergency kits, bug-out bags, auto kits, and a wide range of outdoor and other emergency gear that will come in handy during an emergency, or even while you’re out camping.

We’ve been around for countless emergencies, so we know what you need – and what you don’t. Our first goal is to help you find what you need. If that results in a sale and you becoming our valued customer, then great! That’s fantastic. But we won’t give you false information for the sake of a sale, and we won’t sell you something that isn’t useful.

We always have a pulse on the industry. We keep on the cutting edge of the science of preparedness and use that knowledge to better help you prepare. We give you the latest information that is based on the recommendations of experienced professionals and emergency response organizations. We even have a special relationship with the Department of Homeland Security regarding emergency preparedness!

It’s important to us that you feel confident in your emergency preparations. In order to help bring that confidence, we don’t rely on fear or scare tactics. Instead, we are dedicated to providing you with quality educational content, so you can make an informed decision according to your personal needs and requirements – all at the best price around.