Artificial Intelligence: Helpful Housekeepers or Doomsday Devices?

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Scientists are plotting the end of the world.

Not only that, but they’re also finding solutions to those scenarios, according to Bloomberg. With fears of a future overrun by rogue artificial intelligence, the time has come to figure out the worst possible outcomes and make plans to counter them.

This should be interesting to watch unfold.

Artificial intelligence Cyberman
You will be upgraded.

Movies like Eagle Eye, Terminator, and I, Robot give some extreme examples (if not altogether ridiculous considering our technological capabilities) of what might happen if artificial intelligence should take over our lives and enslave us all. Examples of how technology can be used to turn our world upside down ranges from swaying an election and self-driving cars misreading stop signs as yield signs to stock market manipulation and autonomous cyber weapons. Pretty heavy stuff, if you ask me.

Hopefully this team of crack scientists (not to be confused with an alternative, much-less legal form of crack scientist) can come up with solutions before they happen. But if they don’t? Well, that’s where your preparedness comes in.

You see, stocking up on emergency supplies is for more than just hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornadoes. Killer robots also ranks up there on reasons to prepare. Actually, there are far too many reasons to list without publishing them in a massive, over-priced hard cover book. Killer robots is just one of many.

The reason you prepare today is so when something unexpected does happen, you will have the resources necessary to counter as many ill effects as possible. So maybe killer robots aren’t likely anytime soon. There are still a plethora of things that very well could happen at any given moment. Just because they haven’t happened yet is no reason to let your guard down.

Think about it. With what you have on hand, right now, how would you fare? How comfortable would you be? Would you be eating well, or would you be scavenging for food? What about water? You’ll need plenty of it for drinking and sanitation, not to mention enough to cook your food with, freeze-dried or not.

And then there’s gear. Shelter, heating devices, alternate power, tools…All these things and more will help contribute to a safer, more comfortable experience during any emergency, from an hour-long power outage to cyber attacks that take down the entire power grid for weeks or months.

Destroyed home Artificial Intelligence

Many people think that, since they’ve had years (decades, even) with no real emergencies, that they’re now somehow immune from any future ones. Complacency tends to get the better of all of us. When life is good, we relax. When life takes an unpredicted turn, we panic.

How much of that panic and discomfort could be mitigated by simply planning ahead? Try and build up your food, water, and gear each month, even if it’s just a little bit. If funds are tight, buy an extra can or two of soup, beans, or other favorites to keep in your pantry. If you have more budget, consider investing in freeze-dried food, water barrels and filters, and other such gear and provisions.

Life can change without notices. Sure, we’ve got scientists preparing for worst-case AI scenarios, but why leave your fate up to someone else? As the poet William Ernest Henley penned, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” You—and only you—know how to take care of yourself and your loved ones most effectively. Make a plan. Start today.

Be the master of your fate.


Written by Steven M.


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  • This is good for preparing for a tornado, but what happens if my home takes a direct hit, and my 72 hours (or more) of supplies are destroyed? What do you suggest for backup locations for stashes of supplies, etc.?

  • Hopefully you’ll not be in your home at that time. A 72-hour emergency kit is not too bulky to store in the car trunk, said car will likely be where you are, when needed. There’s storage lockers/trunks for the back of a SUV to keep supplies from prying eyes, and a bit more secure. Both ideas will allow storage for water, blankets, and more if you decide it’s needed.

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