At Emergency Essentials®, we pride ourselves on quality, price and customer satisfaction. So, how well did we do in 2011? Here are just a few things that our customers had to say:

Jenna J.

I just cracked open a can of your cinnamon almond granola - SO GOOD. Even my picky eater girls loved it. Thank you for providing such great quality long term food storage at a decent price! Merry Christmas!!

Lissa Y.

I just want to thank you for having such a friendly staff at your call center. I can't recall the woman's name, but she was very nice, informative and helped me make the best decision for getting Christmas gifts for my sister and my parents. Not only was it a surprise that what I wanted was on sale, it shipped to me faster than what was told to me! I bought 2 of your Trekker II emergency kits and they arrived literally a day and a half later! Fast Friendly and Efficient service! Can't Beat That!

Douglas S.

Sent an E-mail to Emergency Essentials about the status of a recent order. Got a reply the very next morning that order was shipping shortly. The quickest reply about an order I have gotten. Best customer service in the world. 5 STARS.
Thank You, Emergency Essentials.

Peter Shaw

Okay, so I made wheat bread from scratch, using the recipe on the can of Emergency Essentials' Dough Enhancer. Turned out well this time. When it was done cooling, I sliced it up, made sandwiches and took my girl friend for a picnic in a local park. Great memory made with Emergency Essentials! :)

Rudy Sylvester

I’ve purchased several of your products in the past couple of years and have been trying them at random. I have to say that in all honesty that every thing that I’ve tried has been great. I’m very satisfied with the taste, quality and ease of incorporating it into a daily meal. If I had only the products that I’ve purchased from you to live on for the length of time of stored food I have I would have many fine meals.

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