5 Emergency Supply Upgrades You Need in 2022

But Probably Don't Have

Just when you thought things were starting to settle down…

2021 happened.

If this year taught us anything it’s that you NEVER know what’s coming next. If you’re not taking steps to improve your preps this year, you are falling behind!

To help give your emergency supply the upgrade it needs in 2022, here are the five emergency prep items that everyone must have (and most of us don’t).

1. Trauma First Aid Kit

my medic trauma first aid kit

You may have a first aid kit, but do you have a trauma kit?

Most of us have a box of band-aids, but let’s be honest—that’s nowhere near what you need in an emergency, when traumatic injuries skyrocket.

That’s why we recommend a trauma first aid kit in addition to the standard medical supplies you probably already have. A trauma first aid kit includes things like solutions for flushing wounds, a more serious supply of OTC meds, and EMT shears for removing clothing.

We also recommend adding to your trauma kit where you can. A tourniquet is good to have, as is a chest seal and wound-packing material. With a little training, any adult can use these lifesaving items effectively.

2. Sprouter Trays

sprouts in a bowl

Sprouts grow on your countertop in a matter of days. They can be planted after a disaster and provide nutrition for weeks.

Lots of prep-minded folks have gardens—as they should. There are few better back-up plans for long-term sustenance.

One problem with a garden, though, is that rain, wind, or debris can wipe it out in minutes.

With sprouter trays you get FRESH VEGETABLES, protected from the elements and available ON-DEMAND in a disaster. With just a bit of water and sunlight, these trays grow veggie greens in as few as three days. You’ve got to try them. They’ll change the way you prep.

3. Water Storage

We’ve all seen those big blue water barrels. They’ve been a staple of preparedness for a long time.

They hold water. They get the job done. They’re great. 

But they’re also needlessly expensive, hard to move, and worst of all, take up tons of room. In fact, they’re so large that many people just can’t fit them in their homes.

You can do better. You can use a “water bank” in addition to your existing water storage. You can even use it all on its own.

A water bank is simply a membrane you can place in your tub. It operates on the premise that in most disasters, your water supply will typically hang on for at least a few hours before it dries up. That gives you plenty of time to line your tub with the water bank and fill it.

The water bank holds up to 65 gallons—more than most big blue barrels—and can stay fresh for up to 16 weeks. You will have plenty of water to get you through until the utilities come back online.

4. Franklin’s Finest Coffee

coffee beans and a mug

There are surprisingly few long-term storage options for coffee, and Franklin's Finest is the best of the bunch. 

If you drink coffee, then you know the days are dark without it.

It’s a wonder we don’t see more “survival coffee” brands like Franklin’s Finest, that lasts up to 25 years. All you need is hot water and you can have delicious coffee, no matter the situation. Even if you don't drink coffee, you can use it to barter with in emergency situations.

5. Fire Evacuation Mask

Even if you are prepared for natural disasters, power outages, and emergency situations, you may not have everything you need for a fire.

Most homes have extinguishers. They even blankets for protection. But the number one killer in home fires isn’t the flames. It’s the smoke. Without gear to protect against smoke, your emergency supply might not do its job of keeping you alive.

That’s why we recommend a fire evacuation mask. These fit snuggly over your head and filter out smoke and toxins for up to 60 minutes. It fits children three and up as well as most adults. Plan to get one for every member of your household to protect them from smoke.

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Sondra Langle

Sondra Langle

At the end of each product I see a sale price. Is that always the case or do they revert to original price. I’m a bargain shopper!
Love your products. Thanks for all this needed information.

Linda leisure

Linda leisure

GooD information more. If you will we need it !



All five are worthy of serious consideration.

Rex Infanger

Rex Infanger

What is there in water that breaks down after 16 weeks as long as the container does not contaminate the water and holds it so it is still wet it’s good to go

robert posey

robert posey

be prepared

Beverly Lacy

Beverly Lacy

Good information. I will buy my instant coffee, put in a mylar bag, O2 absorber, seal. I don’t like instant coffee but I love coffee. A must have in my home. Am buying the water storage. Such a nifty idea. My pipes froze last winter. Had to cut off water. I filled bathtub with water to flush the toilet, etc. Water just went down the drain. This seems like a no-brainer to me. I have all the emergency medical supplies I need except surgery supplies. I am an RN and have been saving for years. Are some of them expired? Of course. Will anyone care who is bleeding out, I think not. Thanks for the info. Bev

Paulette Jackson

Paulette Jackson

Thank you for posting this.

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