In a September 20 press release, Britain’s National Pig Association announced, “A world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable.”[i] This prediction is based on a combination of reductions in sow herds in many European countries and higher feed grain prices caused by widespread drought.[ii]

The USDA reported in August that “Significantly higher feed costs from reduced expectations for U.S. feed grain production as a result of drought and persistent, high temperatures in Mid-western States will all but certainly have a negative impact on U.S. pork production next year.”[iii]

Could this be the end of breakfast as we know it? What will bacon lovers do when the pork hits the fan?

Yoder’s Canned Bacon may be the answer. This beacon of bacon has a 2-year manufacturer shelf life guarantee and up to a 10-year shelf life. You never know, someday this stuff might be worth its weight in gold. Until then, stay strong and be prepared!*

We tried Yoder’s Canned Bacon here in the Emergency Essentials® office and this is what people had to say about it: “What’s more comforting than bacon in an emergency? And the list of things you can eat it with is longer than the list of things you can’t eat it with.” - Nick “I thought it was really good and I loved the fact that I could eat it straight out of the can without cooking it.” – Tyson

“I was surprised by how much I liked it. I expected it to be soggy and chewy, but it had just the right texture and flavor.” – Sarah

“The Bacon was bacon. It was not the best bacon I’ve ever had, but I would not guess that it came from a can. The convenience and lack of the possibility to burn the bacon, make it well worth using in any emergency or perhaps an office picnic.” – Joel
“I couldn’t stop eating it. I’m definitely going to get some for my food storage. But I’ll probably eat it long before I need it for an emergency.” – Chris
*Ok, you probably heard that the ‘unavoidable’ bacon shortage was basically a hoax and was thoroughly debunked within a few days (see this TIME article for details), but seriously, you can never be too cautious about your bacon supply. We highly recommend giving Yoder’s Canned Bacon a try. It’s delicious and makes a tasty addition to food storage.

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