Flooding isn’t the only problem caused by torrential downpours that happen on their own or in tandem with tornadoes and hurricanes. Sinkholes can form when the ground is over-saturated, like this street in Baltimore. It looks like the ground became so wet it “burst” the retaining wall, sending cars, dirt, and asphalt down onto the train tracks below. Luckily, no injuries were reported. I’ve never seen anything like this. Watch it for yourself: --Urban Girl
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i live on a dirt road and my neighbor across the road scalped a big part of his land for exercising his horses. We got lots of rain last spring and I stood at my kitchen window watching the rain pool in his yard, run under the road and then, in one fell swoop, the entire road fell in and then his scalped land fell in and then his truck, his wife’s car, his garage, and then his house. All of it just disappeared. No one was hurt because they were all at my house, making sure my roof wasn’t leaking. I want so badly to tell everyone, take nothing for granted. Don’t just drive over a wet spot.

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