"We were impressed with the price and quality of the Basic EBM. We were amazed by everything we got in just one package. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice mix of meat and non-meat meals. I was glad to see some vegetarian alternatives. I bought 24 meals and over all, received a really good assortment of meals. The food was easy to fix and very filling. Totally blown away by how good the food tasted!!! We will definitely use these for camping trips and backpacking trips in the future, as well as survival food." --Mona, NM
With Basic MRE Emergency Backup Meals (EBM) you get all-in-one convenience. They are compact and easy to store with a great variety of ready-to-eat meals. These EBMs are packaged in a handy zip-top bag idea for camping, backpacking and emergency preparedness. You can purchase these EBMs individually for $5.75. If you purchase 12 or more, they are on a special sale price this month for only $4.60 per EBM. This is a great value and they are perfect to add to your emergency supplies.

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