Blood Moons, Meteors, and Why You Will Be OK
If you’ve been on social media for any amount of time this month, chances are you’ve heard something about the blood moon coming on September 27. Some minority groups believe it will bring with it the beginning of the end of times. Other people, however, don’t think you should quit your day job. World Won't End TWEET - Meteor According to his Twitter account, Antonio Paris is a scientist, professor, and part-time zombie hunter (he said it, not me), and he’s one of many who isn’t buying in to the end-of-the-world mantra that accompanies the blood moon. While this mindset may or may not be an extreme reaction by some (we’ll see when the time comes), I will agree with Mr. Paris that we should keep paying our bills and stick with our jobs. Panic cannot help us. Speaking of panic…have you heard about the meteors heading straight for Earth? According to The Daily Star, we’ve got six large meteors that will pass close by Earth “within the final seven days of September,” which coincides pretty well with the blood moon. One is supposed to smash into Puerto Rico, causing all sorts of climate change and devastation. The Daily Star said that the smallest meteor could obliterate London (sounds like something out of a Doctor Who episode), while the largest one could decimate the entire continent. Fortunately, NASA does not expect any extraterrestrial collisions. In fact, all those mentions of meteor impacts threatening Earth on the Internet are just hoaxes. Meteor TWEET 01 With all this talk of the blood moons ushering in the end of the world or meteors destined to slam into Puerto Rico, it seems like there’s a never ending supply of scenarios out there that are made to terrify. In regards to asteroids striking Earth, we’re safe. As for the blood moon, we’ll see what happens. Although, as Mr. Paris believes, there is good reason to believe the world will keep going the way it has been. And if the world keeps going the way it has been, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be disasters aplenty coming your way. Fires, tornados, earthquakes, job loss, disability, flood…you name it. This is why we prepare. It’s not for a massive meteor or a moon changing color, but instead it’s for the accidents that leave you without work. It’s for the trucker’s strikes that leave your stores without food. It’s for the natural disasters that come, well, naturally. Great Depression - MeteorWe can never truly predict when the next greatest catastrophe will strike, but we can at least do something about it. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start preparing. Begin now. After all, the world was all right and good on October 23, 1929, but on October 24, we saw the most devastating stock market crash in our nation’s history. Other disasters and crises are similar in nature. One day, all is right in the world, and the next…it’s all but ended. Of course, we all hope for and have enjoyed plenty of days and months and years of peace and prosperity, and I wish it would always remain that way. But as history shows, bad things happen, and if we want to come out of there relatively unscathed, we’re going to want to start preparing while we can. But don’t worry about any large objects falling from space, and don’t be too concerned about the world ending on the 27th. Instead, focus on the here, the now, and the future disasters that may (or may not, hopefully) come to you in your life. That way, if you’re prepared ahead of time, a blood moon will just be a moon of a different shade, and disasters can give you their best shot. You’ll be ready, and you’ll be just fine. Blood Moons Blog Banner - Meteor
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