What do you think it would take to get more people to prepare for potential disasters? Time and again, natural disasters catch people off guard. Thankfully, officials in disaster prone areas are prepared and remind us to do the same. An earthquake swarm (multiple quakes happening in a short period of time) continues to shake the small Southern California town of Brawley, about 130 miles east of San Diego. Since Saturday, more than 400 earthquakes occurred ranging in magnitude from 1.0 to 5.5. The quakes prompted many residents to evacuate their homes, some staying overnight in a Red Cross shelter located in a gymnasium at Imperial Valley University.[i] So far, there are no reports of injury. One San Diego news channel reported that the quakes led San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Assistant Chief Ronnie Hicks to issue a reminder for residents to prepare for emergencies. The SDFD cited a national study that found about one third of households have an emergency plan and that family members know of or have emergency kits.[ii] This is great news. Perhaps we could all take a cue from the SDFD and use this opportunity to think about our own preparedness and help others do the same. Do you know the types of hazards in your area? Are you prepared to evacuate in an emergency? Do you have a place to go? These are questions we should all answer for ourselves. Thankfully, emergency officials work hard in order to prepare for an emergency response. Still, when the time comes, how will you respond? To Replace out more about emergency preparedness in your state, visit BePrepared.com. [image source: Los Angeles Times]
[i] http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/08/earthquake-swarm-prompt-emergency-declaration-in-brawley.html

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