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We want to pass this information along, because we know that many of you across the country may be affected by these changes. LDS Canneries have been or will soon be making some changes. The primary change has to do with the opportunity for patrons to self-can food storage goods. Only 12 facilities nationwide will maintain self-canning facilities, and all other locations will continue to offer pre-canned and pre-packaged goods at no additional cost. Some patrons have been upset by the changes, because they have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in canning their own items. Although food safety regulations appear to have played a part in the changes, there are several contributing factors according to the official statement by the LDS Church (which operates the canning centers). Several individuals interested in emergency preparedness and food storage have blogged about LDS canneries, including the 2011 price increases, how the Home Storage Centers work, and their experiences participating in a canning session. (Hat tip: Kellene Bishop) Happy prepping!
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Is it possible to get the recipe for the salsa made by the lds canneries? Where?

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