If you're like me, then all this talk of getting prepared can get pretty overwhelming. And it seems like there is so much to know, that I can never get a handle on it all. This is where the power of community comes in.

Community means you're not alone. It means there are other people who can relate to your situation, and offer advice and help. From telling you where you can get the best price on wheat to helping you build a barn, your community can be an invaluable resource. Its more than just your city or town: Community can be your family, a network of friends scattered across the country, your co workers, or fellow members of a church of club.

At Emergency Essentials, we have a couple of programs and services to help support you and your community.

Group Program

The Group Program is a simple, convenient and affordable way for family, friends and neighbors to work together to obtain discounts on items relation to home storage and emergency preparedness. Each month we provide four of five items available at a quantity discounted price. Group Members are invited to combine their orders through their Group Leader to meet the minimum purchase requirements. There is no shipping cost for the entire order (regardless of the size of the order, if shipped within the contiguous 48 states) when one of more minimums are met. Anyone can become a Group Leader and there is no cost involved in joining the Group Program. We do ask that the Group Leader be someone who has an excitement for preparedness and is willing to share the monthly specials with each member of the Group. Working together really works!

Online Forum

Our forum was created with the express purpose of making an online community made solely for people who want to get prepared. It is place where you can go and ask questions, and get answers from real everyday people just like you. It is moderated daily to ensure that all comments are constructive and everyone feels welcome.

What other places do you look for that "Community Support"? How has your community helped you become better prepared?


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Yes, you can own a mountain of beans and rice, but without some sort of community you simply will not survive the times ahead. Community could be a few neighbors, or your entire town. Either way, get yourself a Community.

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