Here is a post submitted by Amy from Utah about the importance of cooking oil/lard/fat in your food storage:

"One of my dearest neighbors is a sweet little lady who was a young girl in Germany during WWII. One of the things she shared with me was that oil/lard/fat was one of the rarest commodities during the war. People wanted something to cook their food with - for flavor and consistency. I've always remembered her advice and make sure that I keep a lot on hand in my food storage. It tends to spoil quickly, so you have to use and rotate it. I don't ever want to be caught without it during an emergency. My dear friend told me that oils were as valuable as money during that terrible time!"

To learn more about the importance of food storage rotation, click here to read our Insight Article entitled "Rotating Your Food Storage."


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Red Icculus

Red Icculus

We render our leftover drippings any time we cook meat. Recycling your fat is also an easy way to add flavor to any dish.

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