I received this guest post a few weeks ago, and I've been excited to share it with you. Jeff has found some fun and unique ways to use Datrex Water Pouches in his daily activities. It’s always nice to have some water on hand, and Jeff uses them for more than drinking. Thanks Jeff! --Kim


We purchased a case of the Datrex Water Pouches with the intention of using them for camping trips. We keep them in the refrigerator so they are ready to go whenever we are ready for a trip. However, we have discovered so many more uses for them than just camping. We also hike, bike, raft, and walk in the great outdoors. We are able to make great use of the water pouches for all of our activities. We pack lunches when we are biking and hiking, and freeze several of the pouches to keep our lunch cold until we are ready to eat. Then, after eating, we can drink the water that is in the pouch. The pouch is usually not completely thawed, so we use the frozen portion as ice for our water bottles. The pouches take up very little space in our packs and bike bags, and are very light, which makes them perfect for outdoor activities. When we take MRE’s with us on our trips, one pouch is perfect for filling the MRE heater. The pouches are easy to pack after they are empty, which makes sure nothing is left behind when we leave the area where we stopped to eat. One other thought that we had about the pouches is that if they are frozen, they could be used for emergency ice packs for a sprain or injury while in the great outdoors. We also use them for our lunches for work, as they work as great ice packs to keep our food cold until we are ready to eat. These little pouches of joy are good for so many uses that the list could go on and on. I am sure that we will continue to Replace new uses for them. Give them a try – You will not be sorry! -Jeff W, UT

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