Tornado Warning in the Midwest saves countless lives

At any time, a natural disaster can strike without any warning. Preparation for any type of emergency, but especially for a natural disaster, can and will pay off in the event one comes to your town. Mother Nature reached out with her fickle hand once again in November, spreading tornadoes across the Midwest. Dozens of tornadoes traversed through seven of the states—and Illinois was hit the hardest. Although most of the destruction happened in Washington, IL, only one fatality resulted in the area. And why is that? Preparation. For days, various weather service centers watched the weather and charted the rising storm, allowing them to predict when the tornado would arrive in Washington. On the day of the storm, local weather service centers broadcasted a warning 16 minutes before the tornado hit. This warning was broadcasted three minutes earlier than any other tornado warning Illinois has had in the past. Those three extra minutes saved countless lives as people fled to safety. “You are in a life-threatening situation,” said the last warning. “Complete destruction possible. Flying debris will be deadly.” To learn more about the Midwest tornadoes and Washington’s victory over fatalities, check out CBS News You may never face a tornado (and we hope that’s the case!), but check out this article to prep yourself in case one ever does cross your path.
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