Want something that will give light, keep you warm, and help you cook? Get fired up about starting up a fire!

The cold weather makes me yearn for the warmth of a crackling fire. Though most of us long for the fire simply for the ambiance, during an emergency situation having that fire could help you cook, give you light, and keep you warm. Thinking about building a fire takes me back to the days of my youth. I remember trying to hone my fire making skills at girl’s camp. At first the beautiful flames were illusive, but soon with some help and a few extra tools, I was roasting marshmallows and warming my hands by the crackling fire. Just like my girl’s camp days, the time to learn about and prepare for making a fire is before an emergency strikes.

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Great advise, everyone should have some idea of how to start a fire in the bush, you just never know when your normal surroundings become the bush!
There are some other methods of starting a fire that I would like to mention, batteries and steel wool make an excellent fire starter, or if the sun is shinning, use your eye glasses to super heat your tinder, a magnifying glass works better but you may not have one in your pocket when needed.
Another method that actually does work is the two sticks friction method, this takes a lot of effort and most of all a lot of practice.
There are any number of additional methods of starting a fire. Which one is best?? Only your experience and abilities will determine which works best for you. One thing for certain though, practice, practice, practice is the main requirement.

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