We would like to introduce a new weekly feature on our blog entitled the "Emergency Preparedness Guide." Each Wednesday we will post a new article as part of the Emergency Preparedness Guide. These articles will help guide you through the emergency preparedness process. We know that you'll enjoy these weekly posts so let's get started!

Passport to Preparedness

You are headed on a fun and greatly anticipated journey. Maybe you are excited, enthralled by every turn in the road and every bump along the highway to your destination. You would consider yourself to be well prepared, complete with your detailed itinerary in hand, and your passport ready. You know just what landmarks you want to see and how to reach them with your GPS or map. You know exactly what your expenses will be, and you’ve got the funds you need to get you there. You’ve actually taken this trip many times and you know the familiar road beneath your feet and returning again is a pleasure.


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