Do you think that making fresh homemade whole wheat bread is out of your reach? Think again! With a few simple tips and this straightforward recipe, you’ll soon be rolling in the dough!
If you are like me, homemade bread is one of the most intimidating things about food storage. For those of you who grew up making bread, this may seem a little ridiculous to you, but there was a time when I was mortified of yeast. It’s true! Any recipe that called for yeast, and kneading, and heaven forbid, “rising”, was seemingly out of my reach and usually sent me out to buy the store-made equivalent. Then, one day I decided it had been long enough, and I began to “rise” to the occasion! Click here to read the rest of the article >>

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Dale Viox

Dale Viox

Looks great, can't wait to try it

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