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Emergency Toilet Kit

Submitted by Kirstin from Utah:

In an emergency, you'll want the basics: food, water, shelter...and somewhere to go to the bathroom. (It doesn’t get much more basic than that!) If the sewage lines aren't functioning and using your toilet isn't an option, I’d like to know what my Plan B is. There are several emergency sanitation kits on the market, but I like having the option of customizing and creating my own. And because I'm also on a pretty tight budget, I wanted to know how to do it cheaply. So I thought I would share my knowledge and give you all the know-how to make your own emergency toilet kit. Have fun!


· 1 Portable Toilet Kit: $30

Look for a kit with a five-gallon bucket, snap-on toilet lid, and two enzyme packets for deodorizing. It’s the perfect start to creating your own sanitation kit.

· 1 box of heavy duty trash bags from Wal-Mart: $5

Use two of these to line the bucket (or even your own toilet at home, if you have access to it but aren’t able to flush.) When it gets half full (or at the end of every day), tie up and discard in public trash receptacles if available, or bury on your property.

· 1 bag of all-natural, biodegradable kitty litter from PetSmart: $6.99

I looked at various methods of deodorizing and sanitizing the waste in the emergency toilet, including using chlorinated lime (I was nervous about storing this long-term), bleach (adding more liquid to the waste sounded messy), and even just sawdust (good idea for absorption…but does nothing for the smell). Then I stumbled across some all-natural, corn-based kitty litter available at my local pet store. It will eventually dissolve in water, so it’s safe to dispose of in a septic system if the city is providing one in an emergency. It will also keep the liquid mess to a minimum, and deodorize the waste.

· 1 plastic trowel from Wal-Mart: $1.00

Keep this with the kitty litter and use it scoop and sprinkle some on top after each use of the toilet. A camper’s trowel will also do the trick, and will be handy if you need to dig a hole.

· 1 Bottle of hand sanitizer from Big Lots: $1.00

When water is scarce, this will be a VERY important component of your kit.

· Several rolls of toilet paper from your own supply around the house

Total Cost of Emergency Toilet Kit: $43.99

It is hard to anticipate everything you might need, as there are an infinite number of emergency or disaster scenarios. But even if you can’t be prepared for every single possibility, just having something makes me rest easier at night. Here are some other things to consider including in your toilet kit:

Bar of soap

Box of disposable gloves

Baby wipes



Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials

Hi, Juanita! This blog post gives you the information you need to put together your own emergency toilet kit. We don’t sell an emergency toilet kit on our website, but we wanted to share these tips to help you be prepared!



Where can I buy the toilet kit? you talk about about it, but is it for purchase? how much?

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