Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had only a few minutes to leave your home knowing that you may not come back?

Over 1400 homes in Herriman, UT have had to do just that. On Sunday, September 20th, a fire broke out in Camp Williams and was quickly spread by winds towards Herriman. Several thousand acres have burned so far, but miraculously, only three homes have burned down. Because of these fires, many people had to take shelter in one of the local high schools. Most of them had only a short time to gather their things and get out.

If you only had a few minutes to gather your valuables and leave your home, would you be prepared?

A while back we asked some of our most experienced employees here at Emergency Essentials what they would do if they were in this situation, and they mentioned the following recommendations:

(1) Have a family evacuation plan.

(2) Have an emergency kit close to an exit. Be sure that this kit has water in it.

(3) Preserve and protect any valuables and documents. These valuables could be anything from heirlooms to special family pictures. Decide now what is most valuable to you and take measures to protect it.

Please take a minute to consider these recommendations in order to prepare yourself and your loved ones in case of an evacuation or other emergency.




good job.



I am a VERY prepared person but this was one area I simply refused to recognize. Monument Fire taught me otherwise, allowed me to see the gaping hole in my plan for myself & my son's family. I urge all not to ignore this essential aspect of preparedness, consider all possibilities & make plans for everyone, including pets & livestock – your future might depend on it.

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