Food storage might not be your go-to resource for foods you love to eat. But that's likely because you haven't spent much time using it—maybe you're intimidated or you feel that you're too busy. So that’s why this month we’re making it our theme to help you fall in love with food storage. All month long we’ll be featuring food storage sale items, our best-loved food storage recipes, and tips for incorporating food storage into your everyday meals.

To get you started, here are three of our favorites:

Sale Item: Year Supply of Basics (on sale for $749.99; regularly $910.50)
This is a great way to establish the foundation of your customized food supply. This combo feature staples that you can rely on; two kinds of wheat, rice, oats, lentils, 8 different kinds of beans, peas, popcorn, milk, honey, sugar, salt, shortening powder, and (my favorite for added versatility) garden seeds.

Recipe: Food Storage Breakfast Casserole
This breakfast casserole is a hit with several of the finicky eaters in our office. We’re confident it’ll be a hit at your house. It’s made completely from food storage items so be prepared to fall completely in love after your first bite.

Tip: Prep Daddy’s Easiest Way to Use Wheat
In this post from our archives Prep Daddy prepares wheat in the easiest way possible. I used to make this when I was on a student budget and MAN it’s tasty! I didn’t even need to add sweetener because I felt the wheat had a honeyed flavor of its own. Click here for more tips.

Check out these three and let us know what you think. Keep coming back all month for more great ideas on how to fall in love with your food storage.
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