I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is possible to make eggnog entirely from food storage!
We have found that some people may not always keep vanilla and nutmeg on hand. If you have it, great, use it. If not, this recipe shows you how to substitute Cinnamon for nutmeg, and use Brown Sugar instead of white sugar and vanilla extract.
The thing that I really loved about making this was using the Mixer Pitcher. While it certainly isn't required, it makes this and many other jobs a whole lot easier.
The end result is delicious. This egg nog is going to be a lot thinner than a traditional Eggnog that is made with cream. But this is a great way to introduce food storage to family and friends in a way that will taste good. And since the Powdered Eggs are pasteurized, there is no risk of food born illness that you would get with using raw eggs.
Have you tried our Food Storage Eggnog yet? What other traditional Holiday treats can you make with just food storage?

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Sarah Rachelle

Sarah Rachelle

That recipe looks really interesting. I like eggnog, so I'll have to give that a try.
But I do have to point out that to make homemade eggnog with raw eggs, you actually cook it over the stove, so the eggs end up being pasteurized anyway, even if they're in a liquid form.

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