When planning your food storage you should consider several criteria. Are the foods you store delicious? Are they nutritious enough to supply your family with the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy? Can they be prepared conveniently during an emergency? Are the foods you choose to store provident? In addition to these questions you should also consider what your family likes to eat on a regular basis.

Are they Delicious?

Most people are pretty picky about what they will or will not eat. When planning your food storage you should consider whether you will be able to prepare delicious meals that your family will like. Some menu choices to consider are: spaghetti with a scrumptious sauce made from a pizza and pasta tomato sauce and sausage TVP, blueberry muffins for breakfast that taste just like grandma's homemade ones, or tacos made from taco TVP that taste better than any fast food tacos. The ability to make meals that are delicious in an emergency will help ease the stress you and your family might feel. One way for you to learn how to prepare those delicious meals in an emergency is to start using food storage type products in your every day menus.

Are they Nutritious?

When you consider living off your long term storage, are you sure it will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. To maintain a balanced diet you need all kinds of food, not just wheat and milk. Fruits, vegetables, and protein are important for you to maintain your energy and health. Energy and health may be even more important when the time comes to use your food storage than they are for you now. That is why you need to plan nutrition into your food storage carefully selecting each item for its nutritional content as well as how good it tastes. You can't plan for your long term storage to be nutritious without your every day diet being more nutritious because the first rule of food storage is rotate, rotate, rotate!

How Convenient are they?

Convenience is nice in our day-to-day lives. It helps us get more done as it makes our lives easier. In an emergency, convenience is even more important. At a time when everything else has gone haywire around you, you will be grateful you stored food that is convenient to use. There are many ways for you to make food storage more convenient. First, start using what you store on a regular basis, that way when the time comes to use your food storage, you will be familiar with how to prepare those foods. In addition, you can store foods that are naturally convenient like mixes that are just-add-water, or require little preparation time. Mixes like these are readily available, but you must be careful to check how nutritious they are and store them appropriately in tightly sealed containers.

Are they Provident?

You might be asking yourself, "What does provident mean?" Being provident means to make provision for the future--to be frugal. You can be provident in your storage by storing your food properly, making sure it is not subjected to extreme temperatures, and is sealed tightly away from pests and toxic materials. You must also be sure the food you store will keep without losing nutrients or flavor. To stay provident though, you need to remain frugal and look for the best values on the food you buy.

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